Long distances.

How difficult is to deal with a super long distance? A lot. Of course, I’m talking about normal people, not professional athletes. 253 km is an extreme distance if you are not prepared for this. I did this because, as I said in the previous post, I’m training to compete in a competition in the and of April called MyLand, so I need to know what will happen to my body and my mind when you ride long distance solo. The results honestly surprised me, in a positive way. At the beginning, I thought that it was impossible to stay on the bike for so many hours. I’ve already tried to ride for 8-10 hours in the past, but this time is different because we are talking about mountain biking. This means that your butt, your back, and everything is much more stressed that on a road ride. And this what exactly what happened, I’ve stressed my body to understand what were my limits. For this training, I’ve learned a lot and everyone that has the intention to join in this competition has to try a long before to go to the race.

The main problem.

The biggest problem is to have always something to eat and drink. During the race you don’t have the problem of the water, roughly¬†every 20km you’re gonna find a checkpoint with everything you need, except food because you are supposed to finish the race autonomous. But when you are training, generally, you’re alone and you have to carry the water with you. My backpack was full of everything I needed, and of course 3 kg of water. This extra weight is not really good for your back, but it’s a little price that you have to pay if you want to train and try to make long distances.


After this long workout, I understood what do I need to deal with this situations. It’s not easy to say what you really need because it’s too personal. What I mean is that everyone is different. Personally, I need to eat basically every 40 minutes a candy bar and every 90 minutes a real meal, not a real meal obviously, but something harder, such as sandwiches, pasta, or something like this. I drunk a half liter of water per hour, that it’s not too much if you think that the temperature was between 7 and 28 degrees. By the end of the day, I haven’t suffered from dehydration, this means that the quantity of water I’ve drunk was enough for me. What about the legs? During the workout, I didn’t feel pain, but when I woke up the following morning I felt a little pain in my right legs, but nothing to worry about. Instead, the back reacted perfectly, no pain through the day even though I was carrying 6kgs of stuff. The main problem is always the butt, but I think that it’s normal. If you’re not used to riding for 8-10 hours or more, it’s normal to feel a little pain. That’s why start training in advance is super important. Your butt needs time to built a callus! hahaha


Perfect day, perfect weather and performance. I manage everything perfectly, probably I could push a little less, but in the end, I’ve made a great job. The competition is coming in 2 weeks, I’m looking forward to it.

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