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The Longest Ride So Far

Long distances. How difficult is to deal with a super long distance? A lot. Of course, I'm talking about normal people, not professional athletes. 253 km is an extreme distance if you are not prepared for this. I did this because, as I said in the previous post, I'm training to compete in a

The Longest Ride So Far2017-04-09T10:23:55+00:00

MyLand Sardegna

And I'm finally back!! Here we are! It's been a long time ago since I've post something, but now it's time to come to my life and live again. How? I'm going join to a new challenge, and this challenge is called MyLand! This is not a race, not a competition, it's just a

MyLand Sardegna2017-03-20T13:57:27+00:00